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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 576 End of the Alchemy Exam wiggly unlock
“Just a hunch,” she casually mentioned.
“Is so… That’s a pity.” Su Xun sighed.
“To think you may also erase one’s recollections, as anticipated to get an Immortal. Is there something that you can’t do, Su Yang?” she required him.
“T-Appreciate it, Older Alchemist!” Su Xun quickly bowed to him.
“You possess failed the test.” Su Yang thought to him.
“Everlasting Time Supplement? To assume a really profound dietary supplement could stem from this world…” Senior Zeng stated wonderful jolt soon after discovering of your pill’s lifestyle.
“That’s perfect. Though, you can even claim that it was subsequently real since whatever understanding you’ve acquired when in that status will remain in the travel forever.” Su Yang nodded.
“Is so…” w.a.n.g Shuren’s vision flickered with curiosity, but alas, figuring out Su Yang, he definitely wouldn’t tell her about his weaknesses.
Su Yang thought to him before you take out a Paradise Transcendence Supplement and passing it to him.
“To think you may even erase one’s recollections, as predicted to get an Immortal. Will be there something that you can’t do, Su Yang?” she asked him.
“You are… Elderly Alchemist!”
Su Yang said to him before you take out a Paradise Transcendence Tablet and handing it to him.
Su Yang nodded, “Even I did so not be expecting this.”
“Senior, do you consider my disciple will pa.s.s the exam?” he required Su Yang.
Just after leaving behind the a.s.sembly Hallway, Su Xun checked out the tablet and believed to himself, ‘Since Su Yang has already arrived at the Perfect Soul Realm, I ought to give this dietary supplement to Su Yin, that is still with the Entire world Mindset Realm. Even with their revolting conduct, they are really still my children — and really qualified types at that.’
“That’s right. Though, you may also state that it was authentic for the reason that whatever understanding you’ve obtained when in that declare will remain in your mind for good.” Su Yang nodded.
“That aged man’s not good.” Tang Lingxi suddenly reported.
Su Yang smiled behind his face mask, and he proceeded to explain to these people the matter.
“This is certainly truly sudden. I didn’t assume Sect Leader Bai to past this long.” w.a.n.g Shuren suddenly said.
When there was clearly only 1 minute remaining inside the test, Su Yang stood before Senior Zeng which has a pondering gaze.
“Even though this tablet might not have any affect on you, I’m confident you’ll discover some use for it.”
Fifteen mere seconds in the future, Su Yang waved his sleeves, causing a delicate wind flow to remember to brush past the partic.i.p.ants’ facial looks, additionally they began to get out of bed some more moments later.
The moment there were only a few minutes eventually left from the examination, there have been only four men and women still left within the assessment — Senior citizen Zeng, Luo Yixiao, Cai Yan, and surprisingly, Bai Lihua.
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Su Yang said to him before taking out a Paradise Transcendence Dietary supplement and handing it to him.
“Do you… did you just remove that man’s stories?” w.a.n.g Shuren inquired him afterward, her view filled up with shock.
He nodded and reported, “That’s ideal. When I didn’t remove his experiences, his head would’ve sustained some interior injury.”
He nodded and stated, “That’s appropriate. Generally If I didn’t remove his stories, his imagination would’ve sustained some inner accidents.”
“So every little thing we’ve experienced with that location was just in this thoughts? It wasn’t authentic?” Bai Lihua questioned him.
“Even if this product might not have any influence on you, I’m sure you’ll obtain some use for it.”
Su Xun woke up in the forty-min tag, even hacking and coughing up a mouthful of bloodstream afterward.
After making the a.s.sembly Hallway, Su Xun looked at the dietary supplement and thought to themself, ‘Since Su Yang has already gotten to the Incredible Spirit World, I will give this pill to Su Yin, who may be still in the Earth Character Kingdom. Regardless of their revolting behaviour, they are really still my small children — and really skilled models in that.’
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“That’s perfect. Though, additionally you can claim that it turned out authentic since whatever understanding you’ve received when in that point out will remain in the mind eternally.” Su Yang nodded.
“This really is truly surprising. I didn’t expect Sect Leader Bai to last this long.” w.a.n.g Shuren suddenly said.
“What is happening?”
“Is usually that so…” w.a.n.g Shuren’s view flickered with interest, but alas, recognizing Su Yang, he definitely wouldn’t let her know about his deficiencies.

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