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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 949 – Cheating grandmother health
As Zhou Wen took inside the orders to go the Associate Beasts, he had attained a much deeper perception of the principles of Chinese chess and was aware Feng Qiuyan’s downside.
It wasn’t strange for a human being to show up in this place. The odd factor was that this dimensional animals on the complete opposite loan company didn’t reveal him any animosity. Furthermore, Zhou Wen were built with a vague feeling that this dimensional beings ended up mainly directed with the elder.
The elder ignored Li Xuan and investigated Feng Qiuyan. “Since you already know Chinese chess, perform a round with me. You are able to leave behind still living in the event you acquire.”
The other two Chariots then one Cannon could only transfer instantly outlines. The possibility was immediately lowered.
The elder continued, “The rat is Elephant, the fox is Advisor…”
Let Me Game in Peace
With that in mind, the dimensional critters migrated depending on the elder’s instructions.
Feng Qiuyan wasn’t uneasy in anyway. Discovering the number of chess bits cutting down, he stayed as sooth as still water. He constantly communicated with Zhou Wen and aimed the remainder Companion Beasts to fight.
But having said that, Feng Qiuyan wasn’t at the disadvantage. Their chess portions kept decreasing, plus it appeared like these folks were evenly equalled.
“That will not be the fact. At times, a chess article may influence the chessboard.” Feng Qiuyan switched around and said to Zhou Wen and Li Xuan, “Coach, Director, this can be all I could do. I could only diminish my challenger to this kind of magnitude. Each one of you will be already really clear relating to the principles. What’s following would be the combat, not the sport. You happen to be all pros in overcome, so there is no requirement for me to order you.”
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“Lose? It’s not possible in my opinion to forfeit. No person can defeat me for the chessboard. No one…” Because the elder spoke, he endured up and enable out a long roar.
“From the appearances from it, your ability in chess is only so-so. How disappointing.” The elder presented the absolute gain and wasn’t inside a dash to continue attacking.
Chapter 949: Being unfaithful
With regard to selection, Feng Qiuyan was clearly within a disadvantage. Additionally, other than the Chi, they couldn’t make any sacrifices.
Since the Companion Beasts weren’t Feng Qiuyan’s, Feng Qiuyan could only advise Zhou Wen to get him to control the activity with the Associate Beasts. This naturally slowed down things straight down.
Above and beyond their exercises remaining limited and getting to be careful not to be instantly killed, it was subsequently no not the same as normal struggles.
The rest of the two Chariots and one Cannon could only come in directly queues. The risk was immediately reduced.
The Scholemaster
“You not anymore have a chance of receiving. It is best you admit overcome and let us pa.s.s,” Feng Qiuyan stated. The other one celebration was really a human being, so he wasn’t ready to really kill the elder.
“Holy sh*t, that you are cheating!” Li Xuan shouted.
The other two Chariots and something Cannon could only move in upright queues. The possibility was immediately diminished.
“You no more have a chance of receiving. It is best you acknowledge beat and let us pa.s.s,” Feng Qiuyan said. The other one get together was a individual, so he wasn’t pleased to really get rid of the elder.
If an individual endured inside a upright line along with the Horse while watching Cannon, they will be reach via the Cannon. If someone had a diagonal way, they may be killed because of the Horse.
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“Unforgivable… Unforgivable… That’s not how chess is played…” Rage came out about the elder’s deal with.
Quite as Feng Qiuyan acquired stated, if this became a genuine video game, he can have suddenly lost. Even so, this wasn’t an authentic sport.
Apart from their moves remaining confined and achieving to take care not to be instantly wiped out, it was subsequently no distinct from ordinary fights.
Feng Qiuyan wasn’t stressed by any means. Seeing the quantity of chess portions decreasing, he remained as relaxed as still water. He constantly communicated with Zhou Wen and directed the rest of the Friend Beasts to fight.
In the near future, the Chi that represented the Horse was wiped out. The four of these could not continue on creating any sacrifices.
Zhou Wen became a Soldier—a p.a.w.n—who could usually take a measure each time. Also, he could only progress instead of getaway. At the most, he could switch horizontally. He was hardly any possibility into the elder.
“Everything worldwide is often distilled as chess. This really is a real chess match,” the elder explained.
If someone endured in a very upright range along with the Horse before the Cannon, they would be strike through the Cannon. If someone had a diagonal course, they might be murdered with the Horse.
“Grandpa, you may be yet another our. Exactly why are you helping to make things difficult for your own personal style?” Li Xuan shouted once more.
“It’s no unique. In spite of how powerful a creature is, it is just a chess item during this sport. It really is destroyed effortlessly,” claimed the elder.
Let Me Game in Peace
Both Chariots were actually the most powerful. As long as one stood in a very directly series together, they could be instantly killed. The Horse and Cannon were definitely equally shocking.
As Feng Qiuyan had reported, when it became a serious sport, he would have missing. Even so, this wasn’t a real online game.
Feng Qiuyan wasn’t stressed at all. Viewing the quantity of chess items decreasing, he remained as quiet as still water. He constantly conveyed with Zhou Wen and redirected the remainder Mate Beasts to fight.
Chapter 949: Being unfaithful
Concerning Zhou Wen, he is in a somewhat unhappy condition. Even though Li Xuan displayed Advisor—meaning he could step diagonally—he could only step one unit of yardage whenever. No matter how quickly Li Xuan was, he couldn’t improve due to the limitations from the dimensional zone. His injury variety was a great deal short than Horse.
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It wasn’t unusual to get a man to appear in such a area. The weird point was how the dimensional pests about the contrary lender didn’t demonstrate him any animosity. Moreover, Zhou Wen had a hazy sensing that the dimensional critters were definitely mainly led from the elder.
“It’s no various. In spite of how potent a creature is, it’s a chess bit during this activity. It could be destroyed simply,” claimed the elder.
Let Me Game in Peace
“It’s no different. However impressive a creature is, it is just a chess part on this match. It is usually murdered easily,” said the elder.
“So what? As long as I win, all you could pass on. I’m best in chess. No person can beat me in chess,” the elder shouted with a ferocious manifestation.
Besides the elder, the Horse, Cannon, as well as 2 Chariots attacked Zhou Wen and company.

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